About Joy

Hi! My name is Joy – I was born in Laguna, Philippines. I have developed a love for travel and meeting new people at a young age, but I never thought that I’d be doing what I’m doing now and be able to travel as much as the places I’ve been.

Too eager to have my own money and travel with friends, I dropped out a semester before graduation and started to work in the call center industry. A few years later, and perhaps rather unexpectedly, love has brought me to Europe. I hiked, biked, camped, and slept with wolves in the wilderness. Countless countries and a myriad of fresh adventures later, I continue to pursue new experiences.

Today, I am running JASTravel Visa Consultancy Agency in hopes of helping aspiring fellow Filipinos overcome passport barriers and visit Schengen countries.

I aspire to expand my travel agency in the near future to help more people embark on and experience the adventures they seek.

About Joy

About JASTravel

JASTravel’s inception was rather unexpected. Some time in 2019, I shared my visa application experience on my YouTube channel. Back then, it was nothing but a personal vlog where I document random things and was riding through the currents of the “trend”. 

Just a couple of days or maybe weeks later, I started to get inquiries about my experiences in getting a Schengen Visa. It was then that I realized that a lot of fellow Filipinos struggle to get their visa approved. Truth be told, my application was declined the first time – and yes, I paid for an actual flight ticket where I barely had any refund for! 

JASTravel aims to help as many aspiring applicants as possible to save them from the heartaches of a declined visa and to save their precious time and money doing things wrong way the first time. To learn more about us, visit our socials below.

The People Behind

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Chief of Inspiration

A fan of mermaids, the beach, and everything that is pink, this beacon of joy has the world’s brightest and most enormous heart. 

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Stewardess of Dreams

Mother to a little miss chatterbox and six spoiled little fur-babies – she loves to eat, binge, and  dream big.

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Manager of Codependence

Blossoming behind the spotlight is the team’s shy baby girl – this almost-a-lady is the force to our seamless operations.  

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Angel of Hope

She greets every dog and cat she meets -a fur-mom who indulges in fostering. Her zest is infectious, with the exception of early mornings.

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Chief Social Butterfly

Shamelessly friendly with a vibrant soul, effortlessly fluttering through conversations – this supermom is a force of the great outdoors. 

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Ambassador of Glee

A certified romantic idealist, this marvel fanatic is a sucker for adventure, the beach, coffee shops, and new places.

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Happiness Fairy

Social by nature, this spirited young lady finds joy in traversing new terrains, immersing in culture, and savoring local cuisines.

The People Who Believed

Just a few of our clients who have graciously sent us their travel photos. We are so happy to have been a part of your journey!

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