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Our dummy hotel booking service offers 100% authentic and verifiable bookings so you won’t have to spend time searching the web or worry about the cancellation!

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Dummy Hotel Booking basically refers to a hotel booking that’s not intended for actual use. They are as real as any other hotel booking except they are cancelled before ever being used. Dummy hotel bookings are in many cases used for visa applications as proof of accommodation is part of the requirements of visa application (unless you’re staying with a friend or family for the entire trip!). While it isn’t impossible to find hotels that realistically fits your budget and trip as I have explained in this ‘How to make a legit & confirmed hotel booking reservation for your visa application’ youtube video, a few of us just doesn’t like the idea of having to scan through the web to find suitable no-strings-attached hotels to book for our trip – let alone having to cancel them when the time comes!

There are different travel companies and hotel booking agencies which offer Hotel Booking Confirmations, but only a few of them offer cheap and genuine services. When choosing a serious hotel booking agency, you have less to worry about when making the reservation. Our dummy hotel booking service offers 100% authentic and verifiable hotel bookings to prove that you have accommodation arranged in the country you are planning to visit so you won’t have to spend precious time searching the web and worrying about the cancellation as we’ll take care of that too! We’ll also be providing a pdf document to prove your confirmed reservation for the hotels on your itinerary with your details.

If you need help getting your itinerary sorted or just finding hotels for your intended trip, we also have a travel itinerary service that comes with free dummy hotel bookings. Should you wish to relieve yourself on your worries, we offer a full package to take care of everything for you with our Visa Bundle Services.

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